Sunday, 26 August 2007

The Commander

The Commander

This is the highest-ranking, most heavily protected man in the galaxy - not that he needs it, judging by the size of him. His name isn't on file, he doesn't leave fingerprints and he doesn't answer questions. This is the high commander of the grand army of Queen Sekhmet, whose career is as long as his cape and glittering as his armour. But he doesn't need that army of his. He is an army. He could physically ruin you without any effort.

But he doesn't. What intruiges Shay about the Commander when they inevitably meet (Shay is the galaxy's most wanted outlaw, don't forget), is that he is in fact a very personable and courteous gent, and seems rather fond of Shay. This comes as a surprise, because he also appears to be very good friends with Ahjin, Lazul's villanous high priest father and Shay's deadliest enemy.

It can't last.


Ian Mayor said...

Ahah, a new guy!

looks good as always, would like to see him in the context of someone else, it's hard to see the height in isolation.

Dave Bulmer said...

Good point, we'll have to remember to put up a size comparison. Bear in mind though that he doesn't have a little head, he has a big body. That should help.

Ian Mayor said...

I suspected as much, which would stand the commander at around and awesome nine feet tall.

But sometimes, it's just nice to see it.

Friggy said...

Oooh... That's a lotta gold...