Sunday, 6 January 2008

The Cast: Part 6

Uri and Thoth

Uri is a creative genius who has designed all sorts of devices, from household items to giant robots of destruction. Although she never makes such things out of any desire to harm anyone. She just sees cool inventions and wonders if she can make them, and make them better.

One of her most famous creations is the gigantic solar barge The Scented Lotus, currently owned by Sekhmet's administration. The Lotus has an onboard artificial intelligence based on the god of wisdom, Thoth, and it communicates with the crew through bird-like robotic avatars scattered around the ship. He is arrogant, rude and seems to take great pleasure in insulting everyone around him. Only Uri knows how to reprogramme the nasty little git, and Thoth will only take orders from her or the ship's captain.

Uri would be about 7 inches tall, and I first developed the idea for her after seeing images of snake demons with human legs from The Book of the Dead. Somehow she made her mechanical limbs so she could build her inventions. There are more weird robot servants she's made for the Scented Lotus but I'll save that for a future update. I wanted her to be very colorful and cute. She's an odd little character. Thoth's robotic form is based on an Ibis, one of the god's sacred animals. I'm trying to make him look as snooty as I possibly can. He's about the size of a football which makes him good for kicking.

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