Sunday, 6 January 2008

Creatures of Khemet: Part 2

One of the main reasons I loved reading mythology as a child was the monsters. I imagine the old story tellers sitting around trying to think of new ways to frighten the kids.

"Okay this time, a donkey, but with SIX HEADS. That's bloody scary."

"No way man, in this one we need something really damn weird. What are the most dangerous animals we've got?"

"Hmm, crocodiles are pretty bad?"

"Great! And they're ugly, that's good. Let's have that be the head."

"Oo oo! And it needs great big claws and powerful arms, it could have a bit of lion in it."

"Nice. If it has a lion mane too, that would hide the bit where the crocodile head joins. Now then, the backside. What's the scariest bum in Egypt?"

"Uuhhh, a hippo bum?"

"You're a goddamn GENIUS"

The devourer, Ammut. Wonderfully retarded, the best of all the Egyptian demons. I wonder if I'll ever manage to make it actually scary?


Rina said...

Ammut is so adorable. XD I think it's kind of hard to make her scary.

Ian Mayor said...

The scary is in the context. You'll manage.

Friggy said...

That's awesome... Effin hilarious.