Sunday, 26 August 2007

The Commander

The Commander

This is the highest-ranking, most heavily protected man in the galaxy - not that he needs it, judging by the size of him. His name isn't on file, he doesn't leave fingerprints and he doesn't answer questions. This is the high commander of the grand army of Queen Sekhmet, whose career is as long as his cape and glittering as his armour. But he doesn't need that army of his. He is an army. He could physically ruin you without any effort.

But he doesn't. What intruiges Shay about the Commander when they inevitably meet (Shay is the galaxy's most wanted outlaw, don't forget), is that he is in fact a very personable and courteous gent, and seems rather fond of Shay. This comes as a surprise, because he also appears to be very good friends with Ahjin, Lazul's villanous high priest father and Shay's deadliest enemy.

It can't last.

A kick up the bottom!

So while writing out my restock of indie graphics for my comic shop, one of our regulars pops in and asks me if I've seen the latest issue of the Judge Dredd Megazine. We had sold out of it so I was thrilled when he came back with a copy for me and showed me the small press article by David Baillie. Well! Now Dave and I have had our blog mentioned in the Megazine I have had a flood of complicated feelings: a) Oh man, that is so terribly cool! b) Oh my god we haven't posted in ages, that must look awful!

While I've been getting little bits done since I got back from my holiday, we had a sudden influx of paid work and I'm still settling into the new routine. In my opinion however, this is not a good enough excuse for the lack of updates! And with the Birmingham convention coming up and me definitely now going I'm not allowed to make any excuses any more.

So thanks to everyone who has taken an interest in our little blog, I think you all deserve some new artwork as soon as I get home from work.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Creatures of Khemet Part 1: Snakes

Well, demonic monstrous firebreathing snakes to be precise. The sort that worship Chaos and the giant snake Apophis, who was defeated centuries ago by Ra. They range in size themselves and tend to stick to the more remote areas of Khemet. The giant snakes generally mistrust humans, though some have been spotted working with members of Nemesis Fleet in recent years.

Cobras are a different matter. The species as a whole is very sacred to Khemetians as they are a symbol of the goddess Wadjet and are magical creatures. While they are far smaller and sweeter than the chaos serpents, the cobras of Khemet should not be underestimated. They can breathe fire too!