Wednesday, 24 October 2007


(Gosh this is up later than I'd hoped! Sorry all!)
Sekhmet, lady of red linen and Queen of Khemet. She's the only known living god
and has ruled the galaxy for hundreds of years. Famously attempted to massacre all of mankind once, but was stopped when the other gods got her very very drunk. No one talks about that anymore. They would rather not have their heads ripped off.

I think I'm still trying to find her a little visually, she's meant to be a warrior goddess so I want her to be huge and athletic. Also mature. Yeah a goddess like Nut (see my first page for the comic) who represents the sky is going to be a little sexy and elegant, but Sekhmet needs to look like she can smash your face in with her thumb. Currently I worry that she looks a little too much like a guy in drag. But part of the fun of this blog is showing you all how the development is going, and I'll keep you up to date.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Birmingham Comic Con

Well Dave and I had a very enjoyable weekend, meeting up with some incredibly cool people and handing out fliers for our comics whenever we could. Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I got some much appreciated critique on my work for the comic, and I'm really happy about the direction it's going in right now.

We're already in the process of booking tables and hotels for the Bristol convention in May, hopefully we'll be going with quite a few of our colleages so our tables should have a few very different comics for sale.

Expect some new sketches and comic images here tonight!