Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The Cast: Part 4


Lazul is training to become a priest of Anubis, like his father (the High Priest) and all of his brothers. He would love his family to appreciate him at last and accept him, but he's very much the runt and his lack of confidence means his skills in magic are quite poor. He's also just, well, a bit too nice for the whole death worshipping cult thing.

If I'm ever feeling annoyed when I'm trying to draw, doodling Lazul always makes me feel better.

As an extra, here is a panel I'm currently working on. I will be posting it's progress until it's complete!


Sam said...

Just commenting to say I'm really enjoying these. Just from the first 4 characters it's amazing to see how well balanced the cast is (as in, they're not all super cool protagonists but rather believable - or at least far more interesting - characters).

now that I actually know what's going on in Nemesis fleet, I'm really starting to get interested - can't wait for more!

Friggy said...

So I have a question. (yeah, you like know me not at all, but it's all cool...) So are you still doing the animal like characters or have you turned them human? Like Lazul and Harpok, are they human now or what?

Mokuu said...

Dog face : D

Ian Mayor said...

So.. Nemesis Fleet, Firefly via Stargate via... oooh, something epic and comicky.. Bone anyone?