Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Panel Progress

An update to the panel I posted earlier, what are your thoughts so far guys? There's a character to add next, standing on top of the rocks.

Dave and I have been working out some more written stuff today, tidying up a few loose ends in the initial story. We've planned a 6 issue mini series but I have more hiding in my head like every other good dork making their own comic. Fingers crossed on it all going well!

Here's another bit of background I've been working on:


Sam said...

Backgrounds look gorgeous. Especially the front garden one. Just with the one with the pile of rocks, it's a bit hard to get the depth in the rocks, like it's a cut out of a picture of some rocks. I dunno :(

KT said...

The backgrounds are looking really really lovely. Makes me want an animated Nemesis Fleet now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Abs, its Dave.

Gotta say that youve really hit the nail on the head with the whole run down council property thing - its got those annoyingly small windows, a garden full of crap and everything! Very authentic!

Anonymous said...

yea Orrificer Dave you would know all about council estates :D

Great comic abby now stop messing around and get it finished so we can sell it in our shop!!!!

Adam Yo Boss!!!!