Saturday, 26 May 2007

Welcome to Khemet!

I'm Abby, and I'm working on a comic called Nemesis Fleet. Recently there's been some interest in the development that goes into the series, and so here we are. For the curious, this is what the comic is about.

There's a bloke who has a bottle and a sarcophagus. Those are the only two things he cares about right now, the bottle because it's empty of beer and the sarcophagus because it's full of his teenage sister. Her last wish was to see the great city of Cynopolis - the Vegas of space - and now Shay won't see her embalmed and entombed anywhere else.

That's because Cynopolis is the place to die. It's the great City of the Dead, governed by the zealotous Temple of Anubis, who place death above anything else - hence the teenage Tass' fascination with the place. But when Shay gets her there, along with the car-burning, bus-hopping chav boy Harpok (who he can't seem to get rid of), it's on the day of a huge and important ceremony to raise the spirit of a dead king, to be performed by the High Priest's youngest, most frightened and most generally useless son, Lazul. This ceremony will be the make-or-get-banished of the young priest's career.

And Shay, drunk and not unreasonably upset, does have to go and ruin it.

On the run in a stolen ambassador-class space ship, Shay, Harpok, Lazul and what remains of Shay's sister are chased across the galaxy by some of its most powerful people: the ferocious High Priest of Anubis whose position and family honour are at stake, the frustrated government ambassador whose ship is doing everything it can to let her catch up with it and arrest the thieves on board, and even the mountainous Commander of Galactic Queen Sekhmet's forces, who almost seems like a nice guy when he isn't trying to kill them.

And all this against the backdrop of war between the evil Queen Sekhmet, whose godlike psychoses grip the whole galaxy, and the equally evil terrorist forces bent on tearing her kingdom apart, the mysterious and deadly Nemesis Fleet.

That's the comic. If you like the sound of that, you should keep coming back to this blog because not only will I (and the comic's script writer, Dave Bulmer) keep you updated on our progress in putting it together, but I'll also be posting my sketches and draft work. That means you get to see exclusive pictures of Space Egypt, which is something everyone wants, surely.


Adam said...

Great first post, Abby, very informative. Love the logo and the tantalising images and thanks for adding a link to my site too.

shi said...

this is beautiful and very exciting. i'm already a huge fan. will be reading this off a feed on livejournal! :D

Friggy said...

Yay! I'm so excited. I've been watching you on dev art for a long time and I'm so glad that your Nemesis fleet is still living! Good luck!