Monday, 14 January 2008

Sketch Dump 5

Zounds, it's...sketch dump time! Here is another look at the Scented Lotus.

Cynopolis doodles.

Lazul's head has gotten a little rounder.

It's more Shay. He smokes and drinks loads and scores with women. WOW!!!

It's yet another work in progress. I can hear Dave weeping from the other room "Oh Abigail Abigail" (that's him saying that) "whyfore can you not just finish something before starting a new picture?!" And I say "shhh it's all part of the Plan." And he say "no it's not, you are making excuses so you can sneak off and play Portal." And then I hit him over the head with an item that is comical and random. We're just like that! HEE.


Mokuu said...

So Lazul is officially a human, cool design change, im still gonna bug ya for the comic :D keep up the great work.

Abby said...

Hmm, argh! See yes, the cast have always been humans officially. It depends on whose eyes you're seeing them through. :-)

Unknown said...

Instead of hitting Dave with something comical, try something 'conical'.. and heavy, for best results.

ShazM said...

And oh my god how COOL is Portal?


I'm lovin' the whole setup here Abby! You go girl!